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March 20, 2012


Andrew J.

Bercow said:

"We are in so many ways a much bigger, brighter and better United Kingdom. ... You have become, to many of us, a kaleidoscope Queen of a kaleidoscope country in a kaleidoscope Commonwealth."

When Elizabeth ascended to the throne Britain was a far freer, safer, prouder, happier and better country as nearly everyone of that generation can remember. Over the last 60 years Britain has been completely and utterly destroyed.


"bigger, brighter and better"
I imagine he means because of his brilliant contribution.

William Buggins

Those amongst our "great and good" who seem to believe that Great Britain didn't exist before the First World War, who squirm with embarrassment at any reference to Empire, and work feverishly to pretend we have always been a country of immigrants, have a great deal to answer for.
We have a thousand years of cutural development to look back on. We aspire to justice, mercy, tolerance and freedom, and our values have largely been shaped by the Christian religion, of which they are now so ashamed.
We didn't have things like "honour killings" or arranged marriages, or people trafficking. We weren't a centre for criminal gangs trading in abducted and enslaved women, forced to work in the "sex industry", and "gay" meant something wholesome and lighthearted.
We didn't import young people so that our own youngsters could rot on a life of benefits, nor did we know what "black on black" murders were, and certainly knew nothing of schoolboys being regularly murdered in our capital city.
Back then we had respect for people, and called them 'Mr and Mrs, and Sir and Madam'. The education system actually worked, and kids could leave school with at least a working knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic.
What John Bercow said was insulting aand vacuous. He ignored the qualities and devotion to duty shown by our Queen. She remains dignified, Bercow and his kaleidoscopic nation simply tawdry.


"bigger, brighter and better" I firmly agree that Bercow should aspire to be so.


Not surprised at the drivel emanating from Bercow - vacuous words from a vacuous man. What a very, very silly comment he made. Nothing said commending our gracious Queen for her years of devotion and duty to her people and the nation - pathetic.

Cleethorpes Rock

It was good of Bercow to let the Queen come and listen to his speech.

George Lees

It was very god of everyone to turn up to listen to Bercow, even his wife seemed to dress properly for his big day.


Bercow is a "Prize *******" (you fill in the letters)

Gerry M

"bigger brighter and better Britain"?

Yeah sure. 60 years ago London was a British city. Today its Mayor wants to make it "a beacon of Islam."


It was left to Bercow to tell the Queen what she has done for the country over the past 60 years - a speech from a man who has done absolutely nothing for this country.

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