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March 02, 2012



I am a middle-class middle-income Christian Englishman, effectively disenfranchised in our present State. I learn that the rich, who already contribute most of our tax revenue, are leaving in droves in protest against the 50% tax rate. Given that it is good to relieve the poor of onerous taxation which discourages them from working, in the absence of departed rich cash cows, who, I ask, will be expected to make up the deficit caused by this government's politics of envy?

A Public Sector Worker

I can't see if this is the discussion from the Daily Politics yesterday or not. If so, it was a ludicrously one sided debate with the bloke who runs Pimlico Plumbers being reduced to just accusing the accountant of 'simply talking rubbish'.

Now I'm not opposed to getting rid of the 50p rate, it was a blatant political trap set by Brown but need to be convinced that it would be politically expedient to do so. The accountant on DP yesterday reckoned it should raise around £3bn.

Will it or won't it?

Luke Woodward

Where are the figures for large scale emigration of top rate tax earners leaving the country? Until these can be produced this doesn't fly. It also conveniently ignores the fact that corporation tax was cut at the same time as VAT was increased hitting lower paid earners far harder than higher earners. This is a potential achilles heel

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