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March 10, 2012



Richard Murphy has his own personal dictionary to avoid a normal human being's definition of the word "fair".

Alan Douglas

This Murphy's Law : If anything can be taxed, it should be.

Or, if you have money, the government believes you have it unjustly, therefore saves you from roasting in eternal hell by taking this unjust burden upon itself. This explains the untoward number of politicians in "the other place".

Alan Douglas

Lindsay Jenkins

Murphy is left wing - extremely left wing - and dangerous.


The tax system and codes seem to have grown ever more complex. Is it time for a proper Royal Commission on Taxation?

Perhaps we also need to advise judges in tax cases to allow plea bargains (as per the US) and for SOCA / SFO to conduct the 'roll-up' prosecution i.e crack those at the bottom with the threat of massive sentences (in the current climate juries are likely to convict) and then use that information to roll-up the 'chain of command'.

True Blue

Instead of a regressive and unfair Mansion Tax, The government should implement a capital Capital Gains tax with taper relief on ALL properties including main residences.
Many property speculatorsregister out of a property for 6 months then flip it in order to avoid paying CGT.
Iimposing a Capital Gains tax with taper relief, reducing to Nil for properties held over 5 years has the added advantage of preventing property bubbles from coming back and at the same time pluging a hole in this tax avoidance scheme.

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