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February 09, 2012


Nigel Rathbone

So why doesn't he go and spew his poison back in Ireland then? He seems committed enough to this country to want to speak on behalf of our taxpayers, but he's not prepared to adhere to our court's rulings. Isn't that inconsistent?

Ultimo Tiger

P*** off back home than Guido.


Irish independence has always been predicated on their continuing to have all the rights of Britons in Britain without all the responsibilities. The Scots clearly think they will get the same deal. More fool the English if they allow this to happen again.


I am surprised at some of the comments I would have thought that anybody leaking facts about the wonderful Mr Campbell would be appreciated. Perhaps you should read the link below
Guido Fawkes in many peoples estimation has done a very good job with his blog and revealed many interesting facts today he is reporting on the wonderful Mr Livingstone.Is it wrong to be Irish?

Guido fan.

The Labour trolls on here don't like Guido do they?
Don't like the truth he tells do they?
Poor little limp wristed lefties.


Yep. People who are critical of the the legal status of the Irish in Britain rather than unconditional supporters must be Labour trolls. Such scepticism is normal for Labour supporters isn't it?

Agreed. He sometimes does a good job. If he wants to live and/or to earn his living here that shouldn't put him above our laws, even the stupid or oppresive ones.

It doesn't add up...

Guido publishes from the USA. That's where his servers are - beyond the reach of Carter Ruck and Shilling for your thoughts, and somewhere that still considers freedom of speech a constitutional imperative.


Guido actually publishes from the Cayman Islands - so Obama's spooks can't get at him either.

Winston Smith

He was born and educated in London. I suspect one or both of his parents are Irish.

last caress

The real message here is that 'the truth hurts' and it is shocking that the British judicial system would seek to suppress such information - while spending billions of british tax payers money.

Well done Guido, keep up the good work - the truth will set you free!

And anyway, most Judges are throw-backs to the middle ages operating under unlawful illusions of grandure... lawful rebelion

Joe DeM

Excellent. Well done Guido !!!!

Ultimo Tiger

Lawful Rebellion doesn't exist anymore.


Guido Fawkes has been a blessing on the Body Politic in the UK. Long may he continue exposing the corruption of Westminster and the shenanighans of our political class.

Steve - Cayman Islands

Good point Ultimo Tiger

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