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February 27, 2012



I saw the Iron Lady last night. It was superb - those Conservatives who rubbished it for intruding on Lady T's current sad state are entirely misplaced in their criticism. It served to show her greatness in stark relief and made her more human. Meryl Streep entirely deserves this award: a great film, a great actress, and a great Prime Minister.

john Walsh

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John Bracewell

Reply to Vulture.
The criticisms in the blogs and Press were more to do with the inaccuracy of the film content rather than Mrs. Thatcher's present state of health. If a film is to be made about a still living PM then it should at least be historically complete and accurate. The clinching argument about the film was that there was no mention of Willie Whitelaw who was that PM's right hand man. The equivalent would be a film about Blair without the loathsome Campbell being mentioned.


John Bracewell - You misunderstand the nature of film. A film is not a biography - its a drama. The right-hand man to Thatcher in the movie was Airey Neave, and indeed it was Neave's plotting that got her the leadership - not Willie W. a Heathite loyalist who actually stood against her ( and was soundly beaten). If it had been up to Willie the dreadful Heath would have stayed as leader.

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