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December 17, 2011



Someone please explain: why are we in the EU?

Cleethorpes Rock

Fishing quotas should not be decided by the EU. We should arrange our own marine stewardship and fisheries conservation with other countries, as Iceland and the Faeroe Islands do.

The government should just not bother to enforce the quota by removing funding from the inspectors.

It doesn't add up...

Did we secure lower quotas for the rest of the EU fishing in our waters?

Geoff Montegriffo

Why are we even having to ask our EU enemies for permission to fish our own waters?

Disgrace. Time to get out.

Edward Huxley

Cameron mentioned fishing and the social chapter as two things we should reclaim when he was seeking support to become Witney`s MP.

Now we have to go cap in hand to Brussels to argue a case for fishing IN OUR OWN WATERS!

Yet another surrender.

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