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December 14, 2011


Alistair Thomas

The "Risk" to the internal market in the title. Can somebody please explain to me what this risk is? LibDems just seem to accept this at face value. If there is a risk, how does it compare to the very obvious risk that if the City is hobbled as the EU-fanatics require, that financial services will not just leave the UK, but leave the EU entirely? How does it compare to the clear and present danger that if the ECB does not start buying bonds/printing Euros to support the Euro then the currency is doomed anyway?

Barroso talks of some unspecified, hypothetical risk and conveniently overlooks the obvious risks to EU financial services and of ECB inactivity. This is insanity. The emperor has no clothes!

If the Libdems want to build bridges, let them provide meaningful terms of reference. Alex Salmomd was in full opportunist mode this morning too, but at least he is up front about his hatred of the English.

I Albion

Well Jose would say that wouldn't he?

It doesn't add up...

The attitudes of this man have done far more to put the market at risk than any British veto, which paradoxically by forcing the issue may help to make it function.


It is not surprising that Barroso, a former member of the Lisbon Communist Party, would state that. He is trying to enforce a dictatorship with the EU Commission maintaining central control. It demonstrates the utterly pathetic lengths the EU has now descended. It is being run by Commies for their own political ends.He naturally forgets to mention that the UK is the second biggest contributor into EU. It is now time to reduce our payments into this fraudulent and bureaucratic organisation, the UK can ill afford the £48,000,000 per day contributions. If they want to penalise Britain, they had better think again. The UK would certainly prosper outside the dysfunctional EU, it has nothing to lose. Far better for Barroso to get a game plan together quickly to rescue the Euro instead of sniping at the UK.

Gunter Krappsalaten

I agree with sterling & would like to draw clown Barrolo's attention to the real worry which is saving the euro - thank heaven we still have the £. Tragically the duplicitous Blair has a lot to answer for in that he relinquished a vast amount of our EU rebate for purely self serving ends - time for more assertion from Cameron & to force Brussels to reduce our obscene contributions

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