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December 20, 2011


We the People

Good, surprised more has not been made of this today in the news.

For those who don't really follow politics this has had nill impact on them.

The Government seems to have built on the foundations of the Veto, yet is not pushing hte message.

Juan Sheet

It is clear that the Eurocrats live on a different planet to the rest of us when you hear Draghi saying "the euro is permanent because this was written into the Maastricht treaty." I wonder how the incantations from the Maastricht treaty is going to work its magic when there is no longer any more money to bail it out.


IMF Quotas

UK 4.51%
Sweden 1.01%
Denmark 0.79%
Poland 0.71%
Czech Republic 0.42%

Not really a fair comparison.


Ragu Denso

IMF Quotas
Disappointing to see how little that tax havens are contributing.

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