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November 15, 2011



Oh dear! This seems to be evolving into a "Michael Howard" moment. It does not bode well for Theresa May, I'm sad to say.


Token Theresa and Damian Green seem to have been running an open borders policy.....in the best traditions of New Labour and the Lib Dems. Their efforts to find a scapegoat don't seem to be working very well.


Dorsetdumpling...What gives you that idea?

Clark has said today that he implimented 2007 policies NOT 2010 policies, WITHOUT ministerial consent.

He has said he gave weekly updates to May for the first month of the pilot & then they stopped.
Why was that?
He also said he did not inform the Home Secretary on everything he was authorising....relaxation of checks from useless, dodgy, 2007 policy already in place, god he never even had the humility to check with anyone before doing what HE thought was allowed...That is how arrogant forty odd years has made him...Plus the fact that when things went badly wrong in the past, it was the Home Secretary that got the boot not him.

He has indeedy confirmed what Theresa May said in her evidence to the select committee & the HoC.

He admitted doing things that were NOT authorised in the pilot, then says he didn't do things NOT authorised in the pilot & without ministerial consent, because they were from 2007...He is the one who took the existing policies & the pilot as two seperate entities...Sheer arrogance!
Even committee members found his answers incredulous and indeed laughed at the hole this junk had put himself in.

His arrogance in his belief that his length of service is more important than following orders/
wishes from his superiors is quite astounding.

I reckon he is soooo experienced he has got it into his arrogant head that the unauthorised extension refers to the period from August to November.....
Whereas back on planet earth the unauthorised extension refers to the 2007 previously authorised stuff V the explicit 2010 unauthorised stuff in the pilot.

Either way the man did in fact defy his superiors and was rightly suspended the following day, after a one to one meeting with his boss...who was made aware of this by someone raising concerns at the relaxation of checks...

Due to the MSM deciding that certain clips of Clark's opening statement & the nutjob Coop's ranting in the HoC were more favourable telly above
the second person giving evidence to the Committee
hearing I can only go on Clark's hole digging answers.

Theresa May HAS indeed learned a very important lesson when it comes to top bods of lengthy service.
Maybe a few 'reshuffles' are now in order to get a bit of fresh up to date thinking into our civil service?

A Public Sector Worker

It's abundantly clear that Brodie Clark is an idiot, albeit a long-serving one. For him to say that he overlaid the pilot scheme on the existing 2007 guidelines is unbelievable. If he knew, as he confirmed quite openly, that the pilot scheme was already within the guidelines he was working to, why did he not query this with his line management or the Home Secretary. Instead he just seems to have let the Home Secretary think he was following her rules when he actually was just doing his own thing and making it up as he went along - and then has the brass neck to complain that a reputation built over 40 years was destroyed in two day by comments made by her.

And if this four year old guidance was brought in by Labout, why have they not been more open about this rather than Yvette Cooper doing her best attack dog impression. I really hope Ed Milliband is stupid enough to raise this in PMQ's this week - and I'm guessing that Keith Vaz may now be regreting trying to seize political advantage by calling in Clark as a witness.


A Public Sector Worker..
I get the impression that Vaz is on May's side, as he knows how stubborn the UKBA are when giving info to his commitee...He intervened on one occassion to explain to Clark the implications of his answer to a question in such a way as not to 'spook' him so he closes up, yet Clark proceeded to admit he did what he had always done against the expressed instructions of his superiors/ministers.

Clark is a classic example of why we need a change at the top in the civil service..To let some fresh,
up to date thinking in, instead of the bumbling along long time service arrogant bods we have at present.

Incoming governments should be able to move bods like Clark who have presided over shambolic depts and, made no improvements whatsoever.

I reckon that Clark though the Home Secretary would be sacked as in EVERY other shambolic chaotic muck up he presided over in the past...
I also reckon he was given some VERY bad advice to resign...Because now his arrogance in his own importance is clear for all to see....IF the MSM inform the public with ALL the testimony,not just Clark favouring clips...Including Coop the mad banshee.

I live in hope.

It doesn't add up...

Dorsetdumpling...can you do the report for the BBC?

Jack Pershing

Massive immigration to destroy national identity is one of the main tactics of the Frankfurt School.
For those of you who have never heard of the Frankfurt School they were a group of marxists who figured out that there were too many obsticales standing in their way, and that violent revolution was unlikely to occur in Europe. Instead they embarked on a programme to faclitate the destruction of democracy and capitalism and replace it with their totalitarian utopia. Conspiracy theory? Google politically incorrect me. You may will be shocked to find out that the three main parties have been following the programme relentlessly. That's if the moderator lets this comment through.

Jack Pershing

Brodie Clark was govenor of Whitemoor Prison when IRA terrorist Paul Magee and 5 of his chums decided to go over the wall. Then he gets promoted to head of UKBA. On this form Baroness Udin will get Osborne's job.

Mike Barnes

"Massive immigration to destroy national identity is one of the main tactics of the Frankfurt School."

Do you still check under your bed for Commies? Massive immigration and the cheap labour it brings is part of the great neo-liberal globalisation project, nothing to do with 'the left.'

Ultimo Tiger

So Jack, where did the Frankfurt School advocate mass immigration in their theories?

I would Google it but I prefer academic sources. Anyone can put something on Google. How do I know you aren't trying to take me to websites which have no idea what they're talking about?

It's a bit like this thing about them creating an "unreliable legal system". Lots of websites say this but funnily enough, no one has pointed out where they said it? Seems rather suspicious. One might start thinking said websites are making up things to slander something they don't like.

Come on Jack, show us where Marcuse and Co actually wrote these things.

Harry Hill

May did not inform the PM of her pilot plans, nor did she do nearly enough monitoring, including not visiting any of the ports/airports implementing the scheme. Instead, when the brown stuff hit the fan, she hangs out her senior official to dry.

As for past form, May has that in abundance. Cats and immigrants, nasty party etc.

A Public Sector Worker

Harry Hill - "May did not inform the PM of her pilot plans, nor did she do nearly enough monitoring, including not visiting any of the ports/airports implementing the scheme."

As guidance stating that relaxation of checks was produced in 2007/8, was the then current PM informed of this and was it monitored? Bearing in mind that it wasn't a pilot, after all, rather an operational directive.


I believe that our borders have been compromised but as yet, no-one has been proved specifically responsible, thus there should be no calls of resignation, least of all for the Home Secretary to resign due to her relatively good work at the Home Office so far. To read more of what I have to say, visit the article by clicking on this link http://torylead.blogspot.com/2011/11/borders-should-never-go-unprotected.html.

Jack Pershing

Cheap labour might be a motivator for big business, but many of them don't work and are welfare dependant, and it's the government that lets them in, not Tesco.


Agree with what Dorset Dumpling, a Public Sector Worker and Holly have said even though I only saw what the broadcasters would have us believe. I don't suppose he mentioned Whitemoors Jail and Yarls Wood when he was pontificating about his 40 years.

It doesn't add up...

Some Marcuse for those who haven't encountered him:


David J

Brodie Clark came over as a typical stonewalling civil servant, albeit with a terrible record. My only concern is that he is allowed to retire on a fat pension. In the real world he would have been sacked - period.

Mrs May has nothing to worry about.


BBC are peddling their disinformation again. Their headline on the internet is "Ex Borders chief "is no rogue". It looks as if someone else has made that remark about him when in fact Brodie Clark said that about himself. The headline should have said I am no rogue says ex Borders chief. Those members of the public who are not particularly political will see the headline and assume that it is true. Well it's on the BBC isn't it.

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