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November 13, 2011


Sandy Jamieson

As always a timely reminder of who our real friends are in this world from the Australians and New Zealanders at Gallipoli, the Canadians at Dieppe and Vimy Ridge, the Indians at Imphal, the Fijians at Mirbat. A far strionger relationship than the piece of temporary paper Ted Heath sadly signed in 1972


I always try to watch the service (always moving), and did so this morning. I was appalled to hear shouting during the two minute silience. Is it known who was doing this?

Frank Furter

'O valiant hearts who to your glory came
Through dust of conflict and through battle flame;
Tranquil you lie, your knightly virtue proved,
Your memory hallowed in the land you loved.'

Hallowed through the national ceremony held at the Cenotaph, and also through the thousands of local ceremonies held throughout the land. Today, as every year, I took my place with other comrades at our local memorial, gratified to see so many who came to pay their respects. What a wonderful feeling to see so many youngsters there.

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