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November 12, 2011


Patsy Sergeant

I am sure that Senor Barroso is a very pleasant man, but I would not like to estimate his integrity. Although the media do not often seem to catch up with him - which doesn't necessarily mean anything at all! I wonder what Senor Barroso actually does as EU Commission President?

George Stewart

You mean we need to listen "one of the leaders of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP, Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat)." (Wikipedia)

The appointed EU "leader."

I would laugh if it was not so serious.

It doesn't add up...

He needs to understand that the inverse is differentiation. His Lie derivatives don't work across discontinuities, and his metric is distinctly EUclidean.

Peter T

It looks like we may well be called upon to save Europe once more. However, we will only do this if we pursue sound money, honest politics, have a strong leader who knows where he/she is going and radical policies. We also need to simplify wherever possible and banish bureaucracy's leaden hand.

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