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October 01, 2011



"Trust and competence"? Ed's got a long way to go to demonstrate trust, when he is so unwilling to acknowledge Labour's overspend on public services and the "competence" part is very much in question when we consider the financial mess Labour has bequeathed. So, no, I don't think Sir David was "spotting" a leader in the making.....he made a good point in that he said "We shouldn't write finis over Ed Milliband".....but "spotting" a leader, no, I don't think so.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I very seriously doubt that Ed Miliband( nor his brother David) will lead the Labour Party at the next General Election. Ed is I feel fated to be the IDS of Labour. Their problem is that they do NOT have a Michael Howard figure waiting in the wings to make them credible as he did by reducing the Labour Majority at the 2005 General Election (he could NOT have won then).

Being "tribal" for once it would actually suit the Conservatives to have Ed Miliband continue as the Labour Leader much as Neil Kinnock was a great asset to us from 1983 to 1992! Perhaps a continued onslaught against his policies and the Labour Party both in the Commons and in the media but laying off Ed Miliband as the man, that is no more of the "Ed the Red" or "Union Stooge" nonsense, is the strategy to adopt?

Tess Tickle

Loving the caption at the bottom.

"Sir David Frost

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