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September 13, 2011


Paul Bromley

Would of been my first choice instead of Stephenson anyway. Lets hope he can clear up the mess in the Met and keep his fingers out of the pies.


He did a good job in Liverpool. He made a lot of improvements in policing here. We were sorry to lose him, and our loss is the Metropolitan Police's gain. I wish him luck.


I just hope that he doesn't get dragged into politics like his predecessors. I too wish him luck.

Conservative Metman

Should have been a Met man who's policing career was solely London based. London is unique; has diverse communities and issues in places and at levels that only a thorough Met police officer can understand.
Whitehall should have learnt that lesson by now!

A Public Sector Worker

I guess the key thing now is whether he's willing to talk to and potentially work alongside Bill Bratton.


We need a Commissioner who comes with a fresh eye and who has a good track record. Hogan-Howe has done a brilliant job in Liverpool and I wish him well in getting a grip of the Met.

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