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September 15, 2011



What a pity he doesn't bear down on the incipient anti-conservative bias.

Tony Dean

He should bear down on the looney left in the BBC.

I object to paying £145.50 a year to keep these people in jobs.

It doesn't add up...

Given that BBC income is fixed by the license fee, where does the saving end up? At least with high pay at the margin some 67% is recycled in taxes. What will Patten spend it on?

John Bright

The BBC is not impartial, in accordance with its charter, rather it has a left-wing bias. Lord Patten needs to give this problem his urgent attention. The pay of BBC executives can be dealt with next.


The BBC should be sold off so that we do not have to pay the mandatory license fee.
Sky is far superior and the subscription is optional and the price varies according to the customer requirements.
BBC executive pay is over £800,000 per annum for the director general and all his left wing mates are paid huge sums.

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