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September 29, 2011



Well said, Mr Zahradil. There is a realist.

How shameful that the egregious Martin Schultz decided during this speech that he would not listen, but rather preferred to converse with his friends. And how indicative of intolerance that other members tried to shout Mr Kahradil down and "stop their ears". That is what fascists and totalitarians do. They cannot tolerate any dissenting views to those laid down by the politburo.


He's spot on about the euro. But as for the EU overall, we don't want ANY 'paradigm', at least as far as the UK is concerned.

Bill Cash

As I made clear in my pamphlet, the survival of the Euro itself is in question due to its very nature which has resulted in grave imbalances within Europe. The monetary dimension of the Euro, with its one-size fits all approach applied to such different national economies has not worked, as we argued throughout the Maastricht debates. The original misconception that the Euro would bring about stability has failed – and its consequent economic and financial distortions are now painfully evident. The Eurorealists were right – it has not worked and Britain needs to unravel the Treaties so we can pursue an EFTA-plus based network. See my pamphlet at: www.europeanfoundation.org/files/final-eu-stupid-1.pdf

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