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August 24, 2011



We will have to get ultimate control over our own courts back to make any difference.

christina Speight

Another media-event gimmick - N OTHING WEILL HAPPEN


I think close down the HSE dept once and for all - it doesn't even exist in France!

So we should follow suit for a change and get rid of it!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

What sort of utter nonsense is this? "Wants members of the public to challenge H&S Laws"?????? Why should WE have to incur all the costs and time etc to take such matters to Court? MPs are PAID handsomely to legislate. It's THEIR job! If the Government feels that some H&S Rules are crazy then dammned well do your job and REPEAL THEM!

I am fed up with being "Governed by Gimick", "Nudged" (which I either ignore or go the opposite way), having Catchphrases and Slogans such as "Localism" and "The Big Society" parrotted ad nauseum on the media by fresh faced young spokesmen and barbie dolls and by Think Tank Chairmen with precious little hands-on life experience.

We should return to down to earth policies and the presentation thereof and actually do what it says on the box! This latest idea is yet another Government Cop-out, sling the matter back at the poor old citizens to sort out, as if we haven't enough to do, instead of doing what a Goverment SHOULD do, that is GOVERN!

John Bright

Only the government has the power to remove crazy health and safety laws and it is high time that they got on with it.

Andrew Smith

The bureaucrats have such power over us that it is a foolhardy manager or owner in business who dares to challenge them. It applies to all departments of state and local government - fail to make the right supportive noises and do as instructed and your future will be more costly and time wasting and penalties will be found if at all possible.

Surely Ministers and MPs know this, don't they.

John Anslow

I don’t think the general public have any idea just how deep in the financial fertilizer we are; and if politicians do, they’re not saying.

We desperately need growth, and the only way we’ll get real growth (as opposed to Brownian growth) is for small businesses to expand and start employing people.

And they won’t do that if they are hobbled by health and safety laws, equality legislation, human rights, the minimum wage and extortionate business rents and rates.

The economic engine of this country is small business, not the state. For Heaven’s sake, let’s see some real Conservative policies: must we go the way of Greece or Ireland before government has the cojones to do away with all this unproductive clutter?

Cleethorpes Rock

Nothing will happen, just like with the Treasury money saving website. The only suggestions they'll take up will be ones they were going to do anyway.

Joe DeMocritus

Much better if they got on with getting rid of them.

I thought the Tory party supported deregulation and the removal of red tape or was that just the usual spin-doctor lies of the typical politician.

Paul Bromley

The health and safety dogma is so deeply entrenched that newspaper campaigns and negative public reaction in the past, failed to make any difference.

No amount of shame has worked in the past, and on this issue it must be the Government who intervenes. Break up the Executive, scale back all health and safety rules, and allow people to use common sense in such matters.

Anyone can set themselves up as a health and safety advisor, with no so-called qualifications, just more 'non-jobs' for interferring nosey-parkers.


There will never be a proper debate about this topic when even the headings of articles about it are misleading.

There are no "crazy health and safety laws". What we do have is a very bad enforcement of the existing laws based on misunderstanding and total ignorance of what the law actually requires. This in turn has largely been fed by irresponsible and pathetic tabloid journalism, which gives people the impression that the HSE wants everyone wrapped up in cotton wool.

H&S legislation is there to ensure that workers are protected when doing risky work (e.g. with machinery, at height etc). It is not there to stop kids playing conkers.

manolo blahnik

I'd actually love to review these boxes on my shopping/lifestyle blog. i wonder if they'd send me a sample box to talk about?

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