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August 30, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Sorry I am underwhelmed by all of this. I have never had much time for Gaddafi, but have even less for this shower. I heard their spokesman on Radio 4 whingeing on about the non-combatant family of Gaddafi being give sanctuary in Algeria. One of them is his daughter who has just given birth for God's sake! I also hear that tens of thousands of Libyan civilians on both sides have died in this UK assisted conflict. I cannot help but feel that had we left Gaddafi to sort this internal matter out there would have been far fewer deaths.

The hypocrisy over this matter sickens me, had this Rebel Rabble been attacking a government which was in the UK's interest to support your government and the gutter press would have been describing them as terrorists nor "heroes". I only hope that Cameron, Hague and co have not backed the wrong horse here and put an Islamist horde in charge of Libya and its oil.

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