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August 29, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

NATO may be exceeding its remit by this action. The original UN Resolution was given to protect civilians. Now personally I feel this was just a whitewash, an excuse to permit this military adventure for other reasons, Oil being the most likely one, but if one accepts this as valid then surely with the rebels in charge and Gaddafi vanquished, whether he is still hiding in Libya or has escaped to another country, now NATO's role is over and our RAF should fly home. If we continue to strafe Libyan installations etc we are de-facto taking sides in an internal dispute which could escalate into a Civil War in Libya. UK - GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

David MacDonald

Please will someone in our Government explain how this is consistent with “defending civilians”.

Alistair Thomas

Having heard some of the stories of the rebel "fighters", I prefer to call them patriots myself, one could argue that many are armed civilians taking up arms against an oppressive dictatorship. Using our air power to do clinical strikes against artillery to prevent their deaths seems within our remit. Of course some of the patriots are now driving around in captured T72 main battle tanks so they are quite capable of looking after themselves.

The point is that if patriot tanks are allowed to go up against Gaddafi-loyalist heavy weapons, an awful lot of Sirte unarmed civilians are going to get caught in the crossfire. I think there is now a role for the UN at Sirte in just the same way that there was at the start of the campaign. By all accounts, the patriots are trying to get the tribal elders to give up peacefully. There must be considerable suspicion on both sides. There must be a role for the UN to help guarantee any reasonable concessions the patriots are willing to make to Sirte defenders to resolve the remaining issues peacefully and legally - Maybe even a UN peace keeping force for Sirte while the legal evidence is gathered and due process is seen to take its course.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

An awful lot more civilians on both sides have died because we stuck our noses into this internal Libyan affair. You Mr Alistair Thomas may like to call the rebels "Patriots". Having listened to the hate-filled rant of one of their spokesman on the radio in connection with Algeria having given sanctuary to Gadaffi's non-combatant family including his wife and daughter I prefer to call them thugs and a rabble. I also fear that when this lot get their feet under the table in running Libya they will be no friends to the UK or the West. I certainly will NOT be donating to any appeal for them I can assure you, although I have never had any love for Colonel Gadaffi either.

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