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August 30, 2011


Ultimo Tiger

I have a bad feeling he'll take some secrets to the grave.

Super Blue

Will he pull through?


He's got a good colour for someone near the end - and that little camera cough again.

House doesn't exactly look looted.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Let us hope this man dies and soon and we can all move on. Personally I don't think he did it, the trial was a farce, right out of a Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Opera, or Disneyland being held in an imaginary Scottish Court actually located in an old Army camp in Holland, and he was the fall guy. In any event he had always maintained his innocence and only agreed to lie that he was guilty to be able to have the medical discharge home to Libya that the Scottish Government gave him. Even Dr Jim Swire who's daughter was killed in the Lockerbie Bombing says that al-Megrahi was not guilty and would not want him returned to Scotland, and heaven knows Dr Swire has good reason to seek revenge! In any event al-Megrahi has done time for his alleged crime in a Scots jail, as long even longer than some of our home-grown murderers. If there has to be anyone extradited from Libya in the aftermath of the fall of Gadaffi then make it the diplomat alleged to have shot PC Yvonne Fletcher all those years ago now. If the evidence against him is good enough, bring him to London and try him for murder at the Old Bailey.

As for this old and sick man, simply let him die in his bed in Libya and if he WAS guilty then God (Allah) will judge him accordingly. Deny the vengeance laden vultures here and elsewhere their prey.


It's a sobering thought that he, and we, have to answer to a Holy God where ALL sin is judged if we have not availed ourselves of the salvation He has provided. What took place in Holland was an attempt (I say, "an attempt") at human justice - I cannot begin to understand the pain and grief that the families of those whose lives were so cruelly ended over Lockerbie, yet this man is on the edge of eternity and what awaits him? Dr Swire was dignified and gracious in comment and attitude.

Patsy Sergeant

'Lockerbie bomber "at death's door"'....

Lets wait and see!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Dorset Dumpling. Yes we ALL will one day have to face that judge who cannot be lied too, from whom no secret is hidden, and even the smartest lawyers cannot trick. Right or Left, Cameron, Thatcher, Brown, Blair, you or me, we will all have to give an account of our stewardship.

Cleethorpes Rock

As it's now pretty universally accepted (apart from in the campaign-mode US)that Megrahi was the fall guy for a much bigger and more complex plot. See if we can keep him alive a bit longer in exchange for some information about the others involved. If he doesn't want to co-operate, leave him to shuffle off into the hereafter.


Maybe he needs a little push to help him through?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Just let this guy die in peace folks. I now read that they have found the alleged killer of PC Yvonne Fletcher in Libya. Get HIM extradited to England to face trial.

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