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August 05, 2011


Dawn Carpenter

Lord Tebbit's call for Britain to tear up the Treaty of Rome has generated 493 comments -- so far. He writes: "It is no good William Hague trumpeting that the EU will not in future be allowed to acquire new powers without the consent of the British people given in a referendum. It already has the powers it needs to over ride our Parliament. ... There is now a need ... to take back powers from the EU. That cannot be done by fiddling about with the Treaty of Rome. That needs to be torn up and replaced by a new European Treaty of Co-operation. If our Masters in Brussels are unwilling to do that we must exercise our sovereign right to leave the organisation which is dragging down even Germany, let alone the weaker economies, and regain the right to govern ourselves." http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/normantebbit/100097228/how-fish-are-disappearing-from-british-waters-thanks-of-course-to-the-eu/

john parkes

When I voted in the referendum on our membership of a common market I believed I could see continuing commercial and security advantages in the interests of this country. I also believed, and still do, in the over-riding importance of NATO because at the time of the Cold War, it perpetuated the involvement of the US in European security.
As someone who grew up during WW2, I regarded with suspicion the emergence of Germany, whether justified or not, and I was much heartened by the new balance being struck by our wider involvement in what appeared to be a willing alliance between a group of independent nation states that would operate in certain areas in our own as well as our joint interests. What I had not understood was that behind what seemed to be a commonsensical approach lay a much deeper drive by some, towards what was to all intents and purposes a federal European State, with all the dangers and difficulties that would pose for us; who represented an outward-looking nation which still had widespread trading and other interests and responsibilities throughout the world.
The facts seem to show that as a nation, we have since compromised many aspects of our freedom of action in important areas of our national interest. If we try to assess the balance of advantage in our consequent relationship with the EU in all its guises, I believe the present and developing situation is no longer to our advantage and a new balance needs to be struck. If that requires the EU itself to review its own position, that is for the other members to decide; but we too will have a view on that.
In the meantime I believe that this nation must now seek to review and re-balance its relationship with the EU so as to re-set that link to reflect more closely our own interests and requirements; which is not the case in the arrangements that now exist. We have examples of the way in which the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland are able to conduct their affairs alongside the EU but without significant detriment and I believe it is open to us to do the same. If counter-arguments say that we will be at an advantage if we are at the centre of the EU and able to help sway its destiny in our own interest, I believe that once we have done the sums in terms of votes, then reviewed the interests that other members will pursue on their own account, we will then find our influence will not be strong enough to justify our remaining in the relationship as it stands. We should now explain to the EU how we wish to come to a new and significantly different arrangement and hope that we can continue to maintain good relations in trade and other matters, with NATO still in place; but that it will be as an independent nation free to operate in its own interests.

ownedbythe EU

Is it possible that our EU masters want this crisis, & want it to continue, so that they can say we need central control from the heart of Europe?..........Job done..........powned by the EU :O(


"they can say we need central control from the heart of Europe"

"The fusion of economic functions would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State"

Jean Monnet, founder of the European Movement.


"The finance of the country is ultimately associated with the liberties of the country. It is a powerful leverage by which the English liberty has been gradually acquired. If the House of Commons by any possibility loses the power of control of the grants of public money, depend upon it, your very liberty will be worth very little in comparison."

William Ewart Gladstone, British Liberal Prime Minister 1868-74, 1880-85, 1886, and 1892-94. Speech in the House of Commons, 1891

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