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August 02, 2011


Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

I was assaulted a while back, with rather more than a custard pie. My assailant got a £50 fine.

I'm not whinging, but it seems rather strange that a non-assault on somebody rich and famous gets punished rather more severely than bona fide assault on somebody the world hasn't heard of.

Cleethorpes Rock

Maybe this May-Bowles bloke is a "comedian" after all. I mean, claiming to be 26? That has to be a joke, right? he looks more like 46!

By the way, Y Rhyfelwr Dewr, did you get the £50?

Super Blue

He has his just desserts and is now in custardy.

Dick Cumming

Totally ridiculous sentence. He should have been put in the stocks in Parliament Square so that we could give him a taste of his own medicine.

Cleethorpes Rock

What a waste of a prison place. He'd be better punished by being forced to carry out unpaid work for Rupert Murdoch, perhaps by putting up Sky TV posters, polishing Murdoch's private jet or being forced to pay for an apology to be printed in the Sun.


What about this guy who wrote a strongly worded letter to request the resignation of a senior council official - he got arrested for it!!


Chris Bovey

The police spent £1million of tax payers money for harassing this guy because he revealed details of an insurance company boss using company funds to have an affair with his wife.


After 2 years it was thrown out of Court, it was a massive abuse of power by the police. Spread the word, let people know what really goes in in this country.


Outstanding blog you guys have preserved there, I totally valuate the effort.

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