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August 12, 2011


A Public Sector Worker

The solution is easy. Fine them a set amount based on the clean up bill, regardless of whether on benefit or not, then deduct it from wages or benefits. It doesn't end until the amount is paid in full regardless of how long it takes, normal legal measures to be taken from attempting to avoid payment.

Set the deduction on benefits at £10 per week, and there you go. I would do this in conjunction with prison sentences just to ram the message home.

Ultimo Tiger

You're assuming everyone in the military is political.

Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups.

Vince Causey

Telly tax seems to have mixed up right-wing with fascism. Fascism is a form of statism - like communism - where the country is run like a corporation with total control imposed - including economic control - from the top and very little individual liberty. Right wing is an ideology that believes in small government, individual liberty and free markets. Quite the opposite really.

Harry Hill

Everyone is entitled to a second chance (copyright Dave@no10)


Having a 20 year old son who has just read the suggestions here about compulsory national service, I can tell you now that he is terrified. Why? because he's a shy, quiet and highly intelligent individual, certainly not physically built for rough-tough army stuff. Why the hell don't some of you back off with your draconian ideas? There are a lot of law-abiding youngsters out here who are trying to get jobs, create their own or go for study, stop threatening them with these suggestions.

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