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August 12, 2011


Tony Makara

Removing benefit entitlement is a sure way of forcing a person into even more criminality.

Do the people supporting this e-petition understand this?

Far better to put the guilty through a protracted sentence of Community Service, so that they have the time to think about their wrongdoing.

Tony Dean

They should not be rewarded with 'community service' they would just laugh at the leniency of it. It must hit them where it counts - in their pockets.

Tony Makara

In reply to Tony Dean. I'm sure a Community Sentence lasting one full year, eight hours a day, every weekend, would not be taken lightly.


The punishment should fit the crime.
We have come through 13 years of the previous New Labour Government with Community Service, ASBOs, Welfare Dependancy and priority housing for single parents etc and where has this changed society for the better?
Arson, anarchy, looting, destroying homes and businesses are very serious crimes and the world have been watching.
The government have to reform the police and the courts or it will all happen again.


If you retract the benefits, you've got find them employment, and who's going to want to employ thugs and criminals in a supermarket, for them to pocket money? They'll end up unemployed and homeless, and then the real trouble begins.

Malcolm Dunn

So what do you suggest Clement? Doing nothing? These people's lives should be made extremely difficult. They need to learn to respect authority. I think the only way to do that is to instill fear of the consequences of their actions.

Tony Makara

Malcolm, the aim of all the main parties has been to rehabiliate, rather than simply writing people off. Of course there should be a severe punitive response, but we have to leave room for rehabiliation too. Ending benefits, making people homeless will be writing them off, and will drive them into a life outside of the law. We have to be sensible about this.

David MacDonald

Firstly we are considering, at the most, only a few thousand people. They have had their chance and they fluffed it so they should be dealt with most harshly deter others who might be tempted to behave likewise.


Don't remove benefits because this as other posts have pointed out will cause more crime.

This is the way to do it:

1)Any immigrants involved need to be deported within days or weeks,no appeal,otherwise we are saying the native population will have to give them benefits for life,no employer will employ them with record as looters.

2)Any single thief ot looter,or couple without kids,moved into the most basic bedsits anywhere in the county,the cheapest grottiest,ones no one else wants to rent.

This way they will have shelter but will have to better themselves to move out & better their lives in the future.

Axe The Telly Tax

The rot in Britain is too deep for politicians to deal with (even if they weren’t anti-British, thieving scum).

Only a right-wing military coup by the generals can save Britain now.

1. Martial law declared to bring order to our streets
2. Death penalty brought back for murder and treason
3. Trial and execution of all the treasonous anti-british MPs/journalists
4. Deportation of all immigrants and their offspring who have come here since 1948.
5. All EU law to be made null and void immediately.
6. Corporal punishment for all state schools.
7. National Service restored.
8. A nationalist government installed.

Britain needs another Cromwell before it’s too late!


What I am suggesting Malcolm is that you don't solve problems by making criminals homeless, this knee jerk response only makes for angry policies that in the future MPs would regret. Let the courts decide

It doesn't add up...

This petition is a plea for debate, not a solution of itself. It is pointing out that the courts and social services, welfare and police are failing to be effective, and by suggesting a provocative solution it aims to push the debate beyond the comfortable platitudes about loss of EMA etc. Let us hope that MPs are up to the task of pushing in a more effective direction.

Ultimo Tiger

Does anyone think "Axe The Telly Tax" is a troll?

Andrew E

The comment above by Axe The Telly Tax is probably from a twitchy left-wing Conservatve MP, trying to make all of the points on the list appear foolish.

However essentially everyone that I know - including many Labour supporters - would support the following, and would enthusiatically vote for a credible party which proposed it:

-Reintroduction of capital punishment
-Reintroduction of corporal punishment (and its use for 'minor' crimes such as swearing at Police and spitting in streets)
-Leaving the EU
-Ceasing mass immigration IMMEDIATELY
-Repealing the Race Relations Act
-Making it a legal requirement to have a British flag in every classroom
-Making school children clean the toilets and wash the floors in their schools (as happens in Japan)
-Reintroduction of national service (minimum 18 months with no civilian service opt out)


Richard 11.34

I couldn't agree more with your post however I would also like to see anyone in public office who has accepted a pension from the EU have all their assets sequestrated and used to benefit the regeneration of the country

Ultimo Tiger

We're going to flog people for spitting? I've heard of flogging for rape and assault but spitting in the street?

And why national service? Why not bootcamps for unruly youths? I fail to see why everyone needs to go in the army.


The softly softly approach to crime and criminality does not work, if you commit a crime the punishment should always be severe, no more slap on the wrists on your way policing and sentencing. Build new prisons, get the criminals doing backbreaking labour, the public want tough policing, the politicians need to stop with the liberal notting-hill bubble attitudes and listen to people who live the in real world.


THE TELLY TAX and ANDREW E are trolls who are looters and burners who have not yet been arrested.

Axe The Telly Tax

No i am not a troll or supporter of any of the corrupt political parties that have, since the war, betrayed this country and its people.

I am a true patriot!

What are you?

Ultimo Tiger

A patriot but luckily one who doesn't make stupid troll posts like you.

"Trail and execution"? Funny, you seem to know the outcome of the trial before it's happened. Do you mean show trial and execution?

And the comment about immigration is a bit odd too. I can't see why you'd want to remove all of them. What about Canadians, Australians, Ghurkas etc? Or did you not think that through?

"Only a right-wing military coup by the generals can save Britain now."

Because it worked so well in Greece, Portugal, South America and Burma didn't it?

"A nationalist government installed."

And where do the population get a say in this?

Axe The Telly Tax

LOL. I think the people of Greece and Portugal would welcome a military coup after the mess their corrupt politicians have landed them in.

Ultimo Tiger

You haven't read anything about the dictatorship that existed in Greece between 67 and 74 have you?

Axe The Telly Tax

When the financial shitstorm engulfing the world is played out, people all over the world will be begging for the military to take over.

Just you wait and see.

Deep down you know i'm right.

Ultimo Tiger

They were begging in 1917 Russia too.

Remind me how that one worked out again.

Axe The Telly Tax

Russia was a Communist Revolution. The Royal Family and true patriots have nothing to fear from a right-wing military coup.

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