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August 23, 2011



Surely it's not beyond the realms of possibility to acquaint this man's head with the sharp end of a bullet?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Well you didn't expect him to put up his hands and say "It's a fair cop guv!" did you? Proves the point that if in such a situation one side catches is enemies leaders then they should shoot them. As for Saif al-Islam , his brother and his dad, they have nowhere to go and very bleak prospects if caught so they may as well go down fighting or kill themselves in the end to avoid capture, a Show Trial and possible execution like Saddam and his family.

john parkes

It will be interesting to see how much longer this megalomaniac and the rest of his family can continue to delude themselves.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Mr Parkes I'd give them 72 hours tops then they will either be dead or have fled the coop. However I am far more worried about who or what will be replacing them. Better the devil you know, especially as Gadaffi had given up his WMDs and was amicable to the West. Also as far as I am concerned we have absolutely no moral right to invade another country, and airstrikes ARE an invasion of its airspace, and force our systems of Government, Law, and Economics on them. That is Cultural Imperialism and I feel that the age of European Empires, for good or ill, belongs in the 20th Century and not the 21st! I am NOT an Arabist, anything but, but I can well understand why the Arabs hate us and the USA so much.

john parkes

I quite see your points which demonstrate the dilemma faced by the government. The reasons given for our intervention were clear and Cameron was sensible enough to seek the backing of the UN. The alternative was to allow a continuation in Libya of the treatment being meted out to the Syrians by Assad (albeit well before the Syrian uprising occurred). The grounds were humanitarian, allied to our concern that major instability would spread throughout the region where this would affect our own national interest. I understand but disagree with your stance in that aspect.
When those who ask with some justification why we took on Gaddafi and declined to take on Assad, I don`t doubt the reason was that without support from Russia, China and within the Middle East region, none of which was forthcoming, we could not do so.
As to the future government in Libya, you are right to be concerned. However if the outcome after the restoration of conditions as close to normality as we can manage and proper elections have taken place, I believe we will be right to support the Libyan people`s choice, whatever that might be.
This seems to be a pragmatic approach in a world which is now so small that almost anything will affect us and if we try to ignore it, we might well find it to our disadvantage; but I accept that you are more inclined to pull up the drawbridge and hope for the best - while I do the same while planning for the worst.

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