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July 01, 2011


christina Speight

She should have gone there to the over-budget parliament by the even more over-budget tram. THAT would have been a right laugh

Super Blue

It won't be running for at least three years, Christina.

Edward Huxley

Yes, there was a report on the disastrous trams on TV. I think they would like to cancel but they owe the contractors too much.

And there was another report about a stretch of motorway costing millions.

They certainly know how to spend money.

christina Speight

Super Blue - Are you sure? I saw a shot of two units passing at the west end of Shandwick Place . I used to go that way b y tram (on non-biking days) on my way from Murrayfield to Old College in times past. Those trams WORKED!

Dawn Carpenter

It's nice to think that if Scotland goes independent, they'll keep the Queen. If they do choose independence, I hope we'll keep the Union Flag as a tribute to Scotland's part in the history of the United Kingdom.

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