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July 19, 2011


Henry Mayhew

Of course the collusion between our senior politicians and press barons is sickening.


What do you expect from Sheridan. Why did Tony Blair fly half-way round the world to do homage to Rupert Murdoch? Why did Sarah Brown help to arrange Rebekah Wade's birthday party? Fatuous questions, aren't they?


Oh joy.....having just heard the clip once more.....we learn that it was Campbell who arranged Blair's trip half-way round the world. Campbell, let's not hear any more of your hypocritical cant, especially as we also learn that Brown, too, requested Mr Murdoch enter No 10 by the back door!

Dawn Carpenter

David Cameron is sneaky and untrustworthy in everything he does. By doing it through the IMF, he is using our money to bail our the euro through the back door. Cameron's hands are clean in this scandal and Blair/Brown's are filthy, but the Conservative Party deserves much better leadership than this.


We see that even loons like this particular Anon are permitted to publish vile and vicious libels here - see above at 7.19PM. That comment deserves censorship and in fact you, as owners of this site, may be criminally liable for permitting the dissemination of racial hate propaganda.

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