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July 04, 2011


Dave Bush

Exactly why are we doing this?

Dawn Carpenter

It is very fitting that this tribute to Ronald Reagan stand in Britain. He and Margaret Thatcher held firm against the counsels of despair which came from all sides during the Cold War. The United States remains the guardian of freedom in the world. Britain's place is as America's counselor and chief ally.


Why are we doing what, Dave Bush? We have not paid for it so what is your beef?

I suppose you would prefer a statue of Stalin or Castro.


Will you Tory supporters be celebrating the man for the deficit which he ran up in the USA?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Joshua, since I do NOT judge a Political Leader on dry economic matters but on the grand sweep of their policies then I am happy to praise Ronald Reagan for his achievements on the World Stage and his friendhsip to Britain and to celebrate his memory.

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