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July 27, 2011


Ultimo Tiger

Well, I hope it goes well and I'm proud that a British (yes, BRITISH not English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish or whatever else lives in these islands) city will be the first to host the modern games three times.

Besides, it's better than spending the money on the EU isn't it?

Harry Hill

How much is Coe being paid?


That reminds me - better get organised booking a holiday out of the country. Somewhere I can avoid hearing any mention of the damn thing.


I cannot wait for the olympics, really look forward to us British hosting it. Most of the time an event organised by Britain turns out better than expected. So fingers crossed!

olympic games rentals

What should I comment there, the white space? Or I have some problem with the browser. Only 7 months left, until the biggest sport event in the world.

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