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July 15, 2011


Elaine Turner

What is worrying is that a lot of these low skills jobs are going to go to Eastern Europeans.

However, hats off to these people for getting on and working and not relying on the State. You can see that with a situation like this how easy it is to fall back and rely on the State, particularly when it comes to not being able to afford rent or mortgages.


It's not exactly a Labour phenomenon. It has been happening for 30 years as technological change reduces demand for these once well paid jobs. Labour can be blamed for many of our current economic travails, but to blame this on them is churlish. It happened in America too, starting under Reagan. Was Labour too blame for that?

Ash Faulkner

Very well said Josh. The causes of this are technological change (ever increased mechanisation of labour), and THE VERY NEOLIBERAL POLICIES THAT YOUR PARTY CREATED. Hilarious to blame it on New Labour, who were nothing more than Thatcher in a red dress instead of blue. The middle class has been slowly eroding for the past thirty years in the West, particularly in the English speaking world. The radical approaches that would go some way to reversing it are the very policies that the Conservatives instinctively oppose.

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