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July 16, 2011


Dawn Carpenter

The entire operation in Libya is a misuse of our defense budget. Our concern should be about the development of a nuclear bomb in Iran, the possession of one by Pakistan, and the fight against Islamism in Afghanistan.

Cleethorpes Rock

Where's all the money for this silly game coming from?

Edward Huxley

Hague led us to believe a few bombs would win what has turned out to be a civil war. Gaddafi may be a tyrant, but he still has a large following. We should never have got involved and should get out now.

Amber Astron Christo

Perhaps all the MPs who back this folly might like to become part of The Big Society in future, and volunteer for their jobs and forgo their pensions, just like they are telling everyone else in the Country to do. If they stopped wasting money on the EU and these insane hopeless wars, we would not need the cuts that are coming.

טויוטה קורולה

Amazing video shared here regarding Tornados. It's give warning before war and fire on the war. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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