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July 10, 2011


Joe DeMocritus

Labour are now trying to attack our press freedom on the back of Cameron's stupid decision to defend Coulson's "second chance". They want to impose political controls on our press freedom by setting up a politically correct, leftwing dominated, regulator with strong legal powers. They must be stopped.


Complete madness and hysteria. Evesdropping, bugging and now hacking, have gone on for decades.It is wrong but not the 'End of the World' There is a fair degree of hypocrosy in the claimed 'public outrage'. The same people who are outraged seem quite happy to put their personal details on Facebook and the like.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Good riddence, or as the News of the World would have had it on its front page "Sod off!"

Links of London Sale

I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

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