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June 25, 2011


Dawn Carpenter

And meanwhile the corruption and profligacy of the EU just goes on, along with its drive to take over our country and dictate every aspect of our lives. Throwing good money after bad won't save the EU. We need to get out of the EU to preserve ourselves a free people. Any winding down of financial arrangements can be made from outside the EU.

Denis Cooper

Surely it's obvious that "a more fundamental solution" must include a process of weeding out those countries which should never have been allowed to join the eurozone in the first place - and allowing any other countries to leave it if they so wish - and creating the legal and practical mechanisms for that would require treaty changes which Cameron should be demanding.

Dawn Carpenter

A revolt does not need mechanisms. A revolution requires no procedures to be put in place. We announce that we are out with a Declaration of Independence and thereafter refuse to recognise the authority of the EU. Negotiations over financial details come later.

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