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May 31, 2011



Families with their own house will pass it in to their children and these people will be home owners.
Others will rent in line with many European countries.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

As long as tenants have decent security of tenure and cannot be evicted without good cause or have their Rent hiked up with no possibilty of arbitration if they cannot agree with the amount their Landlord demands then fine. It will not work if a Laissez-Faire Market is allowed.

David MacDonald

House prices are still far too high and this is why young people (if you can call people in their early 30s “young”) cannot get a foothold on the housing market. There are a number of reasons for the high price of housing but foremost amongst these are the artificially low interest rates (kept low to save the feckless the bankers and those who are both) and housing benefit which throws taxpayers money at the overblown buy to let market and saves it from a well deserved implosion.

The solution is to raise interest rates to the historic norm of 5% and reduce housing benefit much more drastically. In particular no foreign national or first generation immigrant should be eligible for any form of housing benefit (if we have to pay immigrants to live here they are clearly a drag on the economy so they should be encouraged to depart). The result would be a large fall in house prices which would bring housing within the reach of ordinary people who work for their living.


If we become a nation of renters, what happens when people retire?. With owner - occupation the norm, people pay off their mortgages in their late 40's or 50's, and have no housing costs when the retire. Preumably the "nation of renters", would all claim housing benefit, as most pensions would not cover rent of £600+ per month, in which case, the current issue of who pays for care in old age be dwarfed by a much larger problem of how to pay for pensioners rent.

Winston Smith

Alternatively, nearly half of 20-45yr old own their home, which is 40% higher than 40 years ago. We have gone from majority renters in 1971 to 2/3rds home owners. Spot the politically motivated story from the BBC. They really mean, "our overpaid researchers are struggling to buy a trendy pad in Islington, these days".

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