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May 23, 2011


john parkes

Salmond has made some very interesting points to the Chancellor about the new taxation liabilities to be laid on offshore gas and oil exploration companies. Instead of the Treasury creaming off money by way of extra tax on profits, Salmond wants a deal where there would be tax incentives for those companies which re-invest profits from the current high prices of oil and gas so as to increase supply of these commodities as well as increasing the number of jobs, many of which would be in Scotland. This sounds a better bet for the short-to-mid term than using the additional revenue to pay off the deficit/debt. It will depend on how crucial the contribution to these commitments are and how much it would throw out the Treasury plan for deficit reduction if this idea is adopted, with all the implications it would have for growth in the economy.
Salmond also laid out his ideas for greater fiscal control by Holyrood of taxes raised in Scotland, at present running at 20%. He wants it increased to 99% but with a compensating reduction in the block grant from central government. He wants to be able to spend the cash, given extra control, on Scottish priorities. Presumably this idea could be arranged on terms that were reviewable/renewable on an annual basis so that if they failed, the Treasury could re-assert control as necessary.
Salmond seemed sensible enough. Let`s see what Osborne makes of it all.


If Alex is interested, I have opened a new retail village in England just south of Gretna outlet village on the M6. We are currently selling space and can confirm that both Superbooze and Taxlitedrams off licences are on board for the new excise tax regime.

Not wanting to advertise but all high strength premium brands will be available at English excise duty retail prices saving a whopping 20% at already discounted bulk buy incentives.

Any Scottish persons wishing to take full advantage should be well aware that no border control exists so come and fill your boots. And vans. Or even large trucks.

Is he a bit slow?


This mandate is rather amusing really, because despite having a proportional electoral system, Salmond got less than 50% of the vote, yet got a majority of seats. Cough mandate cough

Cameron Singhclare

Salmond still had the biggest mandate of any UK political party in 80 years, and if the Additional Member Area was just the whole of Scotland, the SNP would have been 6 seats away from a Majority and the result would have been fully percentage proportional.


we are watching the split of the union. The SNP have far better politicians than Westminster


The trouble is, Alec was never challenged, and nor did he volunteer, to give any defence of his assertion that North Sea oil and gas reserves are 'Scottish resources'. That they exist off the shores, and are primarily served from and in some cases landed in Scotland is not in dispute, but given that at the time of the Act of Union nobody was even aware that these resources existed, it seems to me to be a contestable point at the very least that these resources are the natural property of Scotland rather than the UK as a whole. If a large reserve of oil were discovered north-east of the Wash, could an emergent Norfolk secessionist movement claim exclusive rights to it in the event of the county becoming independent? I hardly think so. The sovereign state with the recognised claim to offshore resources is the United Kingdom, and it is disingenuous for a secessionist group such as the SNP to maintain that its entity of choice enjoys any special right to those resources in the event of its success.


What was probably NOT shown on 'English' telly was the 'Politics Show (Wilderness/Scotland)' interview with John Swinney. The interviewer was quite fairly taking the mick out of their 'booze tax' policy. Effectively, the interviewer asked 'what's stopping the natives taking vans (more likely trucks) across the English border and filling up with cheap booze?' Swinney had no answer. What Scotland has is a chioce between TWO bampot left-wing governments: a bampot crazed-Nat one, or a LyingLabour one. Some choice!

Account Deleted

Salmond does not have a majority for Independence it must be said.

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It's hard to find knowledgeable people about this topic, however, you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks

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