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May 02, 2011



I like this. I think both of them were actually quite intelligent.

George W. Potter

Look, there's one, very simple reason why you should vote yes. At the moment two thirds of MPs were elected with less than half of their constituents voting for them - the majority (in one case 71%) voted against them by backing other parties. All AV does is make sure that the candidate elected is one that the majority of people are happy with. Hardly complicated or unfair.


Your FPTP example of a candidate with 71% voting against - with AV the second or third candidate might be made the winner with a share of the first preference votes worse than the original first preference winner.

Chad Noble (ex ToryBlog.com)

We're almost there now, so here's a little light relief. Animated Cameron, Steve Hilton, Warsi and Matthew Elliott plot No2AV victory



I have lost any respect that I had for Mark Pack and the moderating team of LDV.

Just lately they have been overly moderating their site, preventing comments that they regard as being overly critical of Nick Clegg and AV.

Many posters have given up trying to post on the site, due to being put on Auto-moderate.

It has become a complete joke that a "Liberal" forum is denying some people their voice



Yes the AV winner might have less first preferences than the "FPTP" winner. But what matters is that a majority of voters prefer the AV winner to the FPTP winner.

This fact is hidden if you only make a crude count of first preferences; they don't give the full picture.

Mark Pack

Matt: If you look at the comments published on our site, there certainly are ones that are critical of Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems and even the Lib Dem Voice team. But we do ask people to be polite and on topic - out of respect to other readers.


With all due respect Mark, That has not been my experience in the last couple of weeks with LDV.

In the last couple of weeks, you have been overly moderating people's posts, preventing people from posting criticizing comments about Nick Clegg and on the AV referendum.

I suspect this is due to the polls, showing a plummet in support for the Yes campaign. And LDV is trying to mitigate any further negativity towards Clegg and the yes campaign.

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