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April 25, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

" It's just desperate emotional blackmail."

The lie about the cost of the AV Referendum meaning that Babies not being treated in hospital, soldiers with no body armour? That's pure objective logic is it?


If I have learned anything in this last year, it is just how "Nasty" the Tory Party is internally, not owing to its Social and Moral Polices, but in the sycophancy shown by some of its members on the likes of this Forum, the attacks on those who dare to dissent from the line being peddled by Cameron, the duckspeak and mindless repetition of slogans and catchphrases from CCHQ and the Party Elite, the way that alliances change from "Our Lib-Dem Colleagues" a few days after the stalemate election when the Coalition was being conceived, the possibility being proffered of pacts, "helping" the Lib-Dems in Old and Sad, (thankfully abortively), but now when some LDs dare to disagree with the Conservatives on matters of Policy and approach, they are the "Bad Guys" again. All this could be a straight lift from "1984" and Orwell would be amused I am sure.

I do have to wonder , post May 5th and however the Referendum goes, be that for or against AV, what the atmosphere will be in some Conservative Association and Ward Meetings between those who supported AV and those who followed the Party line and were against? I DO wonder if it will all be sweetness and light?



Shame on you for misrepresenting what people are saying here.

Ralph Hill is entitled to his view and entitled to make the case for AV. But to suggest he has some special wisdom, some insight derived from the fact that he is a WWII veteran, is nonsense. To suggest I should vote for AV because a WWII veteran tells me to is just as stupid as saying I should vote for it because Stephen Fry says so, and we all know what a political expert and titan of the political scene he is.

And the suggestion a British soldier may as well have died on the Russian convoys is an obnoxious suggestion from the metropolitan luvvies in the Yes campaign, who have spun themselves into an orgy of self-righteousness about AV. "We might as well have been invaded by the Nazis, darling! FPTP is just fascism in action you know!"


I really cannot wait until this petty and stupid referendum with its exaggerating and absurd NO campaign and its whinging and whining Yes campaign is over with.

If anyone who works on either of these campaigns ever comes to me for a job, please do yourself a favour and redact it from your CV.

And I'm horrified that such muppets are so close to those running the country.

George Kaplan

Your vote does count. It is counted once and only once. If your vote is for an unpopular party, you cannot get a second one. You just have to accept that not everyone agrees with you. That's called democracy. One person, one vote, NO2AV.


"No wonder the old large No poll lead has now collapsed into a lead for Yes."

Do you have a link for this? The polls I'm reading don't say this.

supra vaiders

i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

Timberland Store

I want all the stuff about Season 3 and I want no more loan comments! Now-se!

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