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April 06, 2011



Ty[ical Toynbee....she's in cloud cuckoo land. We had the biggest public spending government under Labour, spraying money around as though there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately the "tomorrow" came and we saw that not only did we have the biggest financial deficit for 70 years, we had a PM who sold the country's gold reserves as Chancellor at the lowest rate, raided the pension pots, and left us in a big black hole and what does Toynbee advocate? More spending and protect the precious public services. Three main departments overspent at a phenomenal rate and the then Labour Chief Secretary of the Treasury uttered his immortal words after a disastrous general election "there is no money left". Too true, mate, and that's why we're having to take the bitter medicine now. Polly Toynbee is in complete denial.

Victor Southern

Pay back the deficit? Polly once again shows she has no idea of economics. We are attempting the reduce and then eliminate the deficit. None of that will pay off the Debt and a deficit cannot be paid off, only reduced or reversed.

A Public Sector Worker

Toynbee was more than a little disengenuous there. The initial analogy was around credit cards, which isn't normally a fixed debt, but then for her to illustrate how Labour's policy was better suddenly switched to a mortgage, which is a fixed debt. She's comparing apples and oranges.


Poor Pol Potty she hasn't got a clue. What she was saying sounded reasonable if you didn't know that if we hadn't done something about paying off our debt (that has been incurred over years of having a deficit i.e spending more each year than you have coming in) the country's credit rating would have been downgraded and the people that we borrowed the money from would have called in the debt. That's like having the Bailiff come calling. We are paying a much lower rate of interest on our borrowing than Greece or Ireland because we are taken stringent measures to pay off our debt. In 1996 a friend of mine wrote a letter to the Guardian complaining about Polly Toynbee's continous calls for increased welfare spending. I don't think that he is clairvoyant but he described what would happen if we followed her advice and he predicted exactly the situation we find ourselves in today. It is obvious that Polly hasn't learned a thing over the last 15 years.

Toxic Storm Clouds

Can I have some of what ever Polly smokes?

George Kaplan

Polly Toynbee is a moron. She says we don't need to bring down the deficit now? The people lending us hundreds billions of pounds disagreed and had us on danger watch to downgrade our credit rating. But let' ignore that Polly, they're just silly rich people right?

And as for her insane comment about how the top 1% can look after themselves so we can just do what we like with them; does she not realise that they pay an enormous chunk of income tax, can leave the country quite easily and employ countless people, giving the British economy the growth we need? Yes ignore them, and see the poor suffer. Just like all socialists, she would rather the poor were poorer, so long as the rich were less rich.

Whatever she's been drinking, I want some!

Rob g

Typical polly there. No understanding of the difference between the deficit and debt.

Winston Smith

I listened to this in the Gym. She says, "Forget about those earning £100k, they can look after themselves, the rest of us........" She wants us to believe she earns less than £100k/yr. LEFTIE LIAR ALERT!


That is just her Guardian salary. What about her earnings from her books, TV and Radio appearances, her considerable assets?

Lefties are totally mental. They are so deluded by their lies, they cannot determine reality from fantasy. I suspect she thinks she grew up on a council estate, went to a Comp and her old man was a coalminer.


i wonder what % of the guardians income comes from government adverts or gov subsidy.

we might then get to the bottom of this economic illiteracy.

my expeience of the left is once you have impregnated the smile(joke) there is greed,laziness and dislike of the world.


Polly Toynbee is the ultimate champagne socialist.
She has recently applied for planning permission on her £1.5 million pound house not using her real name and also has a villa in Tuscany.
For the record Toynbee was sent down from her Oxford college for being academically inadequate.

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