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March 29, 2011


Blue Streak

Not impressed.

Super Blue

Very good. I greatly enjoyed the debate last week.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

YES2AV have stated that they are to publish the source of all their camapgn funding. Will NO2AV do likewise?

A simple question that we all deserve an honest answer to.


From Yes to Fairer Votes

A vote for AV on 5 May is a vote for cleaner politics - an end to the cushy "jobs for life" culture that has debased Westminster and destroyed voters' confidence.

That's why we've just published a list of every last penny the Yes campaign has received to date.

We've given more details than required by law and we've given the details far earlier than required. This is a clean campaign for fairer votes - and we've got nothing to hide.

Now we're calling on the people behind the 'No' campaign to show the same commitment to honesty and transparency.


So who's funding the No campaign? Who's the big money behind the tacky ads, the cheap-shot publicity stunts, the shamefaced attempts to distract the nation from the debate in hand?

Eventually, we'll all find out who has donated to what - but we'll have to wait six months after polling day. We think you should know before you go to the vote, not after.

What has the No campaign got to hide? Add your name to the petition now - demand answers from No2AV today.


I'm amazed at the incredible supporters who have stepped up to invest in a fairer future for everyone. This really is the people's campaign. Already thousands of individuals just like you have given what they can afford to make a difference to the future of politics in the UK.

This referendum is a historic moment for the UK, and I think the UK deserves to know who is calling the shots in the No campaign.

Sign the petition now and demand an honest response from No2AV - who's funding their campaign?


We are running out of time, there are just 5 weeks left to win fairer votes for everyone.

Thank you for all that you are doing, please keep it up.

Yes to Fairer Votes Council


I will of course be voting YES2AV.



A miserable little compromise..clambering over the line on the back of sloppy seconds and thirds from minority party voters..yep dead democratic..

Research shows that if we had had AV at the last election, in 7 out of 10 seats not a single Tory, Labour or Lib Dem voter would have had their second preference counted..

How anyone can say that some voters having two "says" in an election but others not is a better system is frankly laughable

Chris W

If this lie that AV means people get more than one vote is the best No2AV have got then I think Yes to Fairer Votes have got little to be worried about. Your vote is redistributed in AV, you still only get one! The people who claim that you get more than one vote tend to be otherwise intelligent, so I can only assume it is deceitfulness rather than ignorance that drives them to make this claim.


Awful, just awful.

Why does that woman have a baby in her arms? Could not have someone had held the child? Or is a rather pathetic and cringeworthy attempt to make them appear like 'one of us'. This attempt is rather undermined by the fact that all the young people who speak sound a bit like Tim nice but dim. Really in touch with the people there.

NO2AV are just plain incompetent.

Steve Tierney

I prefer my one -


: )


The No campaign is pathetic. FPTP disenfranchises the majority of voters who live in "safe" seats where the Tory or Labour incumbent is routinely returned with less than 50% of the vote, leading to the widespread phenomenon of lazy MPs who ignore their voters and treat their seats as sinecures. So "one person one vote" for most people means "one person no vote". There are aspects of AV that I do not like: it is not genuinely proportional and second, third, etc preferences should not be given the same weighting as a first preference. But to argue that AV is worse than FPTP when a third of the population no longer vote for the two main parties and therefore have no effective say in the democratic process is totally dishonest. Much of Labour and the Tories are wheeling out various spurious arguments to justify the corrupt voting cartel we have at present. The argument that AV would "let in the BNP" is the kind of sub-GCSE stupidity that only Sayeeda Warsi could come up with. Her best contribution to the No campaign would be a long period of silence.

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