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February 26, 2011


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

This is just too stupid for words! I vote for an MP on their polices, approach to the public, dedication to their constituents etc. They could look like the back end of a bus for all I care, and indeed some do, from all parties.

I can think of very pretty Blonde A list Tory PPC who lost out on May 6th to a far plainer Labour female candidate. Obviously the people of that constituency put brains and aptitude before beauty. Two other former female MPs, one long dead, the other retired come, to my mind as not being beauty queens but damned good MPs for their constituencies and the principles in which they believed, I give you Bessie Braddock the Liverpool Labour MP, and Ann Widdecombe the well known and doughty Tory MP for Maidstone. Norman Tebbit was no Richard Gere, but one of the most able politicians we have had in my lifetime to date.

Of course there are MPs who are physically attractive. I detest Cameron and what he has done to the Tory Party but have to admit he is a handsome and personable man. On the Labour side Andy Burnham is also attractive I would say and they have the advantage of two very pretty ladies in Gloria de Piero, the MP for Ashfield, and Caroline Flint the Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary and as one who like red-headed women, honourable mention must be given to Hazel Blears. On the Conservative male side Zac Goldsmith I am sure could turn many ladies' heads! For the Lib-Dems, David Laws has to be said to be a handsome man and Clegg is not Godzilla!

However, returning to my original point, an election is NOT a beauty contest, and I would far rather have an MP, male or female, who lost out in the beauty pageant but represented the values in which I believe and the policies which maintained these, than a Page 3 Beauty or a Dapper Dan who was antagonistic to what I hold dear and who was a poor MP for their electorate

Steve Tierney

@Martin - you might, once in a while, take a chill pill. There is room, within serious political discourse, for a little frivolity and satire.


I love Stephen Pound.
Can't stand his politics,but he has loads of interesting stuff in his head.If he has any,his grand children must love his tales.
Listening to him reel off '70's cricketers in the West Indies team,and how bits of the pitch were ripped up,with such enthusiasm,while reviewing a newspaper story on something completely different was fascinating.
A very interesting man.Shame he's a Labour bod.


I detest Cameron and what he has done to the Tory Party but have to admit he is a handsome and personable man.

The thing about Cameron - especially if one has seen him in the flesh - is that he looks quite presentable from a distance; tall, slim, good posture, neat haircut. Up close one notices his thin lips, furtive eyes and peculiarly blank smoothness. In a way, that sums Cameron up - looks good at a distance, but not so appealing when one has a proper look.


That first sentence was supposed to be in quotes, by the way.

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