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February 15, 2011



Maybe it is just me,but I can not get my head around how one human being would treat another in such an alarming way.The fact that these people are 'nurses'and the victims elderly is even more disturbing.
ANY 'good'nurse coming in and saying,"not all nurses are bad",should be equally disgusted for allowing this to go on for so long.
Your job may be important to your financial situation,but allowing our elderly to die in pain and misery,should have been your main concern,NOT just your job.You FAILED in your job by keeping silent.
The nurses on the wards where this disgusting neglect occured should be given written warnings re trained or sacked.
OMG! Scream the unions.You can not treat our members in such a way!
Why the heck not?
They treated their charges in a far worse way,
which resulted in death.A miserable death at that.
Do we really want this type of person 'caring' for our elderly?
The top bods should be fired!NO if's or but's.NO pensions or golden handshakes and banned from the caring profession.
People who mistreat animals get bigger punishments
and blaming the 'culture'is a cop out by inadequate
nurses/unions.Basic human compassion should have emerged from our nurses,but sadly didn't.We have to ask ourselves what kind of nature do these nurses have and are they the right people for the job?
What the heck are our 'nurses' learning in their training?
Whatever their training,basic compassion and thoughtfulness went out the window.
We now MUST bring it back,and quickly.
Who is to blame?
The nursing staff,for allowing themselves to become killers.
Unknowingly of course.
Harsh eh?
Tell that to the relatives!


I trained many years ago as a male Nurse, this was hospital based with a nurse teaching school at the hospital, so we had hands on work to do as well also learn how to look after the patient
Is it not time that we came back to this type of learning and get the basic things right, any nurse who wanted to go on the do more advanced work could then do this after getting a nursing qualification.
I help train some of the Nurses doing a Nursing Degree and they told me they were were here to watch and learn not do work, and had a lot of theory however no basic knowledge or skills.
There used be state Enrolled nurses, and any one who worked with them found that most of them had very good hands on skill and worth their weight in gold, is it not time this level of Nursing returned to the wards.
If any level of staff who are unable to do the job or found to be lacking should go and no pensions or golden handshakes and banned from the caring profession.
Also time to look at the top heavy level of management we have in a hospital and cut them down to a more realistic size.

Lindsay Jenkins, hon director Better Off Out

This has been going for decades all over the country.

A friend privately went round geriatric units over 20 years ago and found exactly what this report says. He wrote a report at the time but I do not know where it went.

Nor of course it is just the elderly.

How many people have died in horrific circumstances - must be many, many thousands - or whose illnesses have been made worse by the NHS.

Will anything now be done? It is so endemic that without radical change I doubt it.

Ultimo Tiger

"How many people have died in horrific circumstances - must be many, many thousands - or whose illnesses have been made worse by the NHS."

How many people would have been dead without the NHS, too poor to afford private care, too proud to take it from a charity hospital?


So we should count our blessings that we have an NHS that only allows the very old,very young or the very sick to die in filth or through sloppy care,if any given at all?

If we didn't have the NHS,many thousands of very old,very young or very sick would die at home,most likely with their loved one's caring for them.
It was the complaints by the loved one's who bought
this sorry affair to someone's attention,or the high mortality rates.

The very old,the very young and the very sick,will continue to die,but do we really have to thank our lucky stars that their NHS treatment in basic human care was so shabbily ignored that it was the caused of their deaths?
Being 'thankful' is how Labour governed for over a decade!
Be thankful you have schools that churn out sausages!
Be thankful you have the NHS that kills people from lack of water/food and/or cleanliness!
Be thankful you have the police to fill in forms!
Be thankful you have potato monitors or diversity officers,because without them,where would we be?

Instead of arguing the point,that we do have the NHS and we should DEMAND and EXPECT it does what it says in the title, Ultimo Tiger wants us to be thankful we have this shoddy excuse of an NHS,
where the questions on the patients mind are...
Is this one of the death hospitals?
Is this hospital going to give me a bug that will kill me?
What you should ask yourself Ultimo Tiger is....
Would all of these people have died if not for the NHS?
You are mixing up medical progress,ie cures and
treatments,with basic human care,ie feeding,washing
and dignity.
None of the patients,to my knowledge,actually died from their illness,they died from neglect.
Do you really think we should be thankful we have such an institution,NEVER to be questioned,or changed? If so,I hope you are never old or ill.


Try this one - my boyfriend age 57, is currently sitting in Ward C Admissions waiting room in Southmead Hospital - he has been up since 6am this morning - cos you have to be available for transport under the new rules 2 hrs before your apointment, it was decided at about 10.30am that he needed to be admitted to solve a problem that he has had for the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!! He is a 57 year old Type 1 Diabetic and yes it is killing him from the inside out! Last year it was decided that he needed intravenouse antibiotics so they delivered to his flat about 9 months worth - roughly 6 months or £1500 too much! Today they decided he needed more! So he insisted that he had to be taken home and taken back before being admitted to get his "stuff". He has had "half a leg amputated, a kidney transplant, open heart surgery, 4 toes off his right foot, 1 & 1/2 fingers off his right hand and his index finger off his left hand. Type 1 Diabetes sucks this is what it does to you! But toatally comnpounded by a complete lack of care in the NHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how he gets up every day but he does! A dog would not be treated like he has and a vet would be prosecuted for treating a dog like the NHS has treated him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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