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January 13, 2011


Elaine Turner

Oh bless the Labour peers! Just have to have a referendum at a later date. As it is going to put the Govt to great expense, why don't we have a couple of other referenda whilst we are it... belated referendum on Lisbon/In-out/more effective locks against further powers being taken under EU competancies/take your pick on the EU and one say on the merits of elected mayors/police commissioners?


The Labour Peers are delaying things because they want the referendum on AV and the Equalising of Constituencies to be separate bills.
Labour are trying to delay the constituency resizing and not to have this aspect of the bill dealt within in May 2011.
The Government have said they will not agree to this change.

Denis Cooper

Yes, well, I've always said that:

1. The Bill should have been split into two separate Bills, one dealing with the equalisation of constituencies and one dealing with the possible change to AV. The two issues are disconnected, in the sense that the provisions in either part could be passed or not passed without impinging on the provisions of the other, and for clarity they should have been put into separate Bills.

The same with the European Union Bill, which covers three similarly disconnected issues.

2. The AV referendum should be held separately from elections, once again for clarity.

However like previous governments this government is not interested in clarity, but prefers deliberate obfuscation and confusion.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Why I am I not surprised. FPTP suits Labiour just fine. As a staunch supporter of AV this has made me all the more determined to actively support it whenever they hold the referendum.

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