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January 31, 2011



Another thing I find intolerable is the pointless dubbing of pop music over this sort of news/comment pieces (well, actually, the dubbing of it over ANY documentary-type programme). What is it FOR? If certain viewers really must have 'music' with their programme, then they are free to do so privately. But producers (who doubtless know nothing else) force it on everyone, whether they like it or not. Those of us who don't, cannot switch it off.


ANother instance of ConHome of playing the man not the ball?
Tory MP has aspirations for top office - shock!

Bercow has a vicious temper? (according to some Tory MP who isn't brave enough to be named) but the incident with the ill mannered fat whip, and the swearing on the corridor by some Tory nobody is acceptable behaviour?

You might like to look at the website of Douglas Carswell, who as we know leans strongly to the right, like yourself, and read his opinion. He at least has the gallantry to play the ball.


John Bercow has championed backbenchers it is true; where he has fallen down is not keeping his counsel. He persistently and consistently promotes his own opinion when the Speaker should be above the fray. His wife is her own person, also true, yet Mrs Bercow does not aid her husband's position. We have two individuals here who, sadly, have brought upon themselves much of the controversy that swirls around their heads. It's come to the stage now that when either of them appear on TV, I switch off - metaphorically and literally.


Apart from giving an opinion on foxhunting when directly asked by a constituent, and upsetting a group of animal abusers who sicken a majority of the public, can you elaborate on the many? incidents of persistantly and consistantly promoting his own opinion?


John Bercow as speaker spoils debate within the H of C with his objectionable and rude personality and his over zealous interruptions.
The fool thinks he has the lead role.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

In really am getting fed up with all these petty personal attacks on CH on those politicians with whom they do not agree, Bercow, Balls,Ed Miliband to name but three yet the Moderators often pull posters up or even delete their posts if they dare to launch a personal attack on for example Cameron, Osborne, Clegg or The Blessed David Laws. We are told NOT to "Play the Man". Fine, so can I suggest "Practice what you preach"?

Is Bercow a bad speaker? Well I have known better, George Thomas, Betty Boothroyd, Bernard Weatherill to name three, and one worse Mike Martin. However I do agree with him that the Yah-Boo childish behaviour of some MPs of all parties at PMQs brings disrepute to the House of Commons and is something that many people dislike intensely.

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