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December 08, 2010


Andrew Smith

Assange and his celebrity supporters will learn the useful lesson that UK Courts have no role in the extradition. Provided the boxes have been ticked in the right places, he will be sent for trial overseas without prima facie evidence being considered here.

UK is no longer a safe place.


I am in agreement with Ken Clarke's prison policy, but this is one person who really deserves to be locked up for the public's safety.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

If this isn't a total frame and a set-up I am Marshall Hall KC! I DON'T believe in coincidences.

john parkes

It seems that Assange`s greatest sin is to cause embarrassment to a number of governments throughout the world. I am not familiar enough with all that he has published to say whether his broadcasting of government papers will cause real danger to anyone; but it does seem that what he has done is ruffle feathers where some people have been caught out saying what they really think of others. I am astonished that the US cannot be more selective about the offences Assange is said to have committed and make plain where he has really endangered life and limb. So far I have seen nothing in this category.

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