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December 24, 2010


Conservative Homer

Never heard of any of them other than Iain Dale and Labour lowlife Derek Draper.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am sorry to read that there some political bloggers have quit, even if I have strongly disagreed with their politics.

One great benefit to our Democracy has been the growth of Blogs and Fora engendered by the Internet. We are now free from influence of the Gurus such as Hilton, Wheeler and Campbell, or the censorship of the editors or proprietors of the dead tree media. Even posters and slogans are no longer exempt as was shown in the May 2010 General Election when Conservatives took the Labour posters linking Cameron to the 1980s and used them to some success in a “Fire up the Quattro” response. A kid with a knowledge of Photoshop can undo the most cunning and well thought out poster campaign.

Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of the Internet and using a PC can set up a forum these days, (I have two) and these are free, no need to be able as in former times to use HTML or have an expensive Server of one’s own. This is to me a great leap forward for Participatory Democracy and is to be welcomed. I do hope that there are those of all political opinions Left, Right and Centre, Nationalist and Unionist who will step into the breach left by the retirement of these previous political bloggers.

clive elliot

Same here, apart from Finkelstein, who has other journalistic outlets anyway.

Super Blue

I will miss Iain Dale and Tom Harris.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Dale yes, but I can't say I was that keen on Tom Harris although I do agree that the blogisphere will be diminised by his having gone off-line.

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