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December 18, 2010


Super Blue

He still isn't Happy.


He is not meant to get involved in discussions of policy.

I don't want to waste money on a High Speed Rail white elephant, but if we must have it, I do hope Philip Hammond will take the opportunity to drive the route straight through his constituency house and office.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am in favour of HS2 and indeed I would like to see The State finance private businesses to extend it to Scotland and to electrify all the main rail routes such as the Western from Paddington to the West Country and South Wales. To my mind I would far rather that was done than we have to pay out benefits to those turfed on the dole by The Cuts with nothing to show for the money whereas this would give us a legacy of an modernised Railway Network in a similar manner to the original Railways built by the Victorians. A win-win situation, jobs and income for workers, tax revenue for the Exchequer, a boost for the Economy, a Greener transport system both for passengers and freight. What's not to like?

I would NOT criticise John Bercow however for his opposition to the HS2 project as although he may be The Speaker he is still of course the MP for Buckingham and as such is there to protect the interests of his electorate as are the other 649 MPs of all parties. I am fed up to my back teeth with the "let's all hate Bercow" mentality that some Conservatives show towards this man and I personally will have no part of it. I often think that if he gave a sizable donation to some worthy cause there are some Tories who would mock him for that and try to attribute it to some publcity stunt on his part. Shame on them!

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