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December 04, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

A terrible pity and a great shame! I will try to get down to Pompey before this fine ship is sold off as scrap.

Ultimo Tiger

Sayanora Through Deck Cruiser Number 3.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

A thought occurs. Whilst I do NOT want to denigrate a great ship with a noble name and brave history, one use would be as a floating prison. Imagine the large number of criminals who could be incarcerated thereon, especially the dangerous and habitual ones? It could be anchored out in the Solent and escape would thus be exceedingly difficult, it could be our Alcatraz. It could be serviced by launch or helicopter or even fixed wing aircraft. We had prison ships in the past, one is mentioned in Great Expectations, and recently we bought one from the Yanks which was located on the Dorset coast. Obviously the name would need to be changed from HMS Ark Royal. How about "HMP Abel Magwitch" ?

Iain Gill

It is madness disbanding the harrier force

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Ian I totally agree but we live in mad times. The old song, "The World turned upside down" certainly would be appropriate now.

Denis Cooper

Look, chaps, there's simply no money; no money for the Navy or for anything else.

Apart from Brussels, of course; there's always as much money for Brussels as Brussels wants.

Oh, and the government's "Save the Euro" campaign, as well; there's money for that.

Once a Conservative but not any more

The decision to decommission Ark Royal and the Harrier force is one that shows Mr Cameron is not suitable to be trusted to defend my country. The defence budget has been annually savaged for the last 20 years. By "delaying" projects to "save" money the costs have in fact increased. Next year, HMS Queen Elizabeth, the new Aircraft carrier was due to enter service but the last misgovernment's delays have doubled the cost. The intention was to phase out Ark Royal and Illustrious as the replacements came on line. Even now the stupid plan to commission Queen Elizabeth without aircraft could be changed to allow her to fly F18 Super Hornets but that would mean the RAF losing influence and it is their idiotic lobbying that "Land Based Air Cover will always be available" in order to keep the useless Tornado flying (an aircraft famous only for the highest rate of combat losses since WW2) that has led to flexible power projection being lost.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I too was "Once a Conservative" but resigned my membership last week and am now what could be called an Independent Anti-Coalition Tory. I agree with all you have said and personally I never had much time for Cameron and would not trust him to run down the shops and get me a newspapers and a loaf. He would probably come back with The Guardian and a brown loaf where I like the Telegraph and white bread then have the cheek to tell me that they were for my own good! Like you I have no trust in Cameron in the defence of my country or anything else come to that.

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