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December 26, 2010



The Archbishop of Canterbury is onto the fairness agenda and the politics of the issue.
Meanwhile his Liberal agenda regarding the clergy and his Liberal approach on other issues are the reasons why many people are leaving the Church of England to join the Catholic Church.

Geoff Montegriffo

If the wealth creators hadn't been hit so hard under Labour and the welfare dependent zombie vote hadn't been so aggressively courted with our money then there'd be no need for this economic tinkering around the edges. Present policies only just start to redress the balance and more radical action is needed.

If we really were serious about sorting out the country's finances then we'd need to do things that'd truly make the Archdruid squeal.

Conservative Homer

The church is fairly rich and has spent centuries exploiting the poor. Maybe they can help.

Worthless god botherers.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

As an Anglican myself I listen to my Archbishop although I do not always agree with him and - unlike a Roman Catholic as regards the Pope - I am under no obligation to accept what Archbishop Rowan Williams says as in any way binding upon me.

He has a point of course, Our Lord did preach two relevant parables, one of Dives and Lazarus, the other of The Good Samaritan. However on the latter I do remmeber the wise words of Margaret Thatcher that the Good Samaritan would not have been able to assist the man who fell amongst thieves had he not had the money to do so.

The Rich Man in his Castle does to my mind have a duty of care towards the Poor Man at his Gate, as a Christian I believe that. However this will be NOT possible if The State has hit the former with confiscatory taxation for doctrinaire reasons to no benefit to the latter.

Martin Sewell

Whilst this kind of pronouncement is but a small part of Rowan Williams' varied and complex thinking, I cannot help but think that too often he mistimes his remarks.

What he said could have been said at a different time. It is the Christmas statement of Ed Milliband
not of an Arch Bishop at Christmas.

Vincent Nichols' Christmas message - that the country needs to turn to God was surely more in accordance with his job description ( and you might agree whether you are a believer or not).

Jesus did have things to say about the poor - including that they would always be with us.
He nevertheless called the likes of the fishermen ( boat owning small businessmen ) and the intellectual artisan tent maker Paul. When he sent out the seventy in twos, they went out as missionaries working to Vincent Nichols model. They were not sent out as community activists destined to found a Welfare State and to argue for redistributive taxes.

Do not be fooled. Just because he wore a beard and sandals does not make him a prototype for the Lib Dems!

The Archbishop is significant, and his words have weight with part of the electorate. It is therefore important that such addresses are responded to carefully, respectfully but also with confidence.

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