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November 24, 2010


Ultimo Tiger

Why can't they just be happy we don't have a fees system like in the US where you can pay in some cases, $50,000 PER YEAR?

We have it easy, you get a loan and then you pay it back nice and slow. They should be thankful for that.


Let's not forget the two policemen who have been badly wounded. If only the broadcasters actually told the public the extent of their injuries, i think the students would find out very quickly people will not support that.

one knocked out cold, the other had his arm broken!

'peaceful protest'

Kentish Man

Hmm ... what's wrong with that picture?

Ah, that's it. No police piling out of the van with batons and riot shields.

Good old plod, prepared as always.


It's a shame these police vans don't have water canons in the back to defend and protect against protesting vandals. I hope the news programs show the peaceful protesting majority and just mentions these trouble makers to prove you don't have to resort to breaking the law to get news time.

Mr Angry

Sadly it would seem that our students seem to have taken to heart the Beastie Boys imprecation to "Fight For Your Right To Party".

David J

I wish I was a shareholder in that giant corporation "Rent-a-mob UK Ltd", I'm sure my shares would be leaping up!

Seriously though, two observations:-

Why was the Police Van parked in such a vunerable area?

Will the news channels release their output in order for the authorities to prosecute the offenders for criminal damage?

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