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November 10, 2010


Ivor Grudge


As Osbourne's crazy cuts bite hard, we need more resistance!

Ivor Grudge

The shape of things to come?

Let's hope so.

The Tories need to be sent a clear message: their policies will not be accepted by the people.

sdawv fverfer

all these comment are very steryotipical of the students, you seem to class them all as scum, what about all the good graduates?!


Sigh. I miss National Front marches. We would have given them a beating.


"please don't pretend that violence is confined to those on the left. it's just that the right are so much more subtle - they use the tools of the state, such as the police and army, on those they disagree with."

LOL! The police, the state and have been completely taken over by the Left and are now used to oppress native Britons into submitting to their country's obliteration through third world immigration. The political order is also safeguarded by "anti-racist" shock-troops such as the Anti-nazi league who will violently assault individuals with anti-establishment views:



Someone's riled them up to vandalism and trespass, I thought the point of going to university was to obtain a higher education, learn to debate, negotiate and prepare for adulthood, I would like to hear a rational proposal from the student body instead of watching children smash windows.

There are a high number of people posting on this matter that I've not read before on this blog. Calling people scum isn't helpful. I would like to know if those trespassing are genuine students the people these changes will affect are still in school and if they're hoping these protesters will do any good I despair for them, forced to pay for pension promises, forced to pay for overspending decades, whilst trying to be socially mobile themselves.

Laurence Davies

Layabout scum! They all look well fed on the backs of working people!

Victor Southern

Dominic, my fine young radical. Tell us exactly when the British army was last used as a "tool of the right" against British citizens? I could tell you the date but you research it, it goes a long way back.

Laurence Davies

What an utterly stupid comment from Dominic. You obviously have an ology too many!

C H Ingoldby

Those students need an education in reality. A few broken noses would do them the world of good.


Direct action is what makes petitions, elections and other "soft" democracy work. It's a threat. If there was no threat, why on earth would the government listen? To get re-elected? It doesn't really matter, the same things pass regardless of who is in charge - the Digital Economy Bill being one example.
The ability to break the law is the one true power that the common person has and is one of the strongest ways to put your message across.
Call them vandals, yobs, whatever. But at least these people know what they believe in. At least they're willing to go onto the streets and show that what they believe in is worth getting off their arses for a little while.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Where were the police?

Tom Spencer

Why weren't the Met Police prepared? They should know by now that anti-capitalists will use every opportunity to riot.


They were extremists put up to the job. It's likely that a few in other unions and some Labour activists knew about it. It is blatantly obvious that it was organised.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Obnoxious scum!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am very disappointed by the low profile Police presence but I can to an extent sympathise that they are between a rock and a hard place. Come in heavy and they are accused of being Storm-troopers, for example at the G20 demos. On the other hand if they take a softly-softly approach they are vilified for doing nothing. I have seen the French CRS in action against a student protest and those blokes don't hang around. As we are now to have joint military action with France why not hire the CRS to come over and sort out this type of rioting?

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