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November 10, 2010


Charles Martel

What a scruffy bunch of fools... most of whom could do with a good bath.


That is terrible. I want everyone arrested. Also I want people who do stunts like that not to get tax payer funded education.

They didn't do that to Labour when they made them pay top up fees.


They chant scum, and yet behave in a manner befitting much worse than scum.

I have just graduated and am very glad to be away from deluded people like these - 'students'. Their ignorance makes me wonder just how they got into any University.

I can confidently say a large majority of those becoming violent are using this (misguided) protest as an excuse to behave like this.

Chris, you're right - they should be arrested and denied any state-funded education.

They are the scum.

Alex 3

Shocking. I suppose this is the beginning, they'll be a lot more of this in coming months/years. Disgraceful.


If this is the beginning of a long period of protests - it is a bad start. Who cares about state funded layabouts. It does no favours for those groups that have underestandable grievances over cuts in funding.

North West Tory

So much for the argument that the taxpayer should bear the burden because university civilises people!


Here we go, again, Rent-a-Mob. They have them in all varieties, from the violent street smashers to the planted QT crew to the placard waving, Blair loving, drones. Oh, hang on, maybe its spontaneous, yeah, that's what it is, perfectly natural. After all, we're all like that.

It doesn't add up...

A Labour Home Secretary would have ensured that these students were "kettled", assaulted by police, entered into an MI5 database and pursued for alleged infringements of every law known to man. They should value their free speech, and not abuse it through resorting to criminal damage.


its wrong to do what they are doing but you cannot like clegg did before the election make a promise to scrap fees then triple them, you cannot raise hopes and lie then few months later go back on it people are angry they were lied too


Horrible. Student scum.

Ultimo Tiger

Being angry doesn't is no excuse to break the law.

Unless you want anarchy?

Danny Thompson

My only slight concern is the cuts hitting the police/armed services; morale needs to be high in the coming 2-3 years to tackle more of this sort of thing.


One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. That horrible lady who threw herself in front of the king's horse broke the law, but is regarded as a hero. That terrible man who bombed innocent people in England is now in the Stormont assembly, having fought for his country's freedom from British oppression. These people are breaking the law to fight a government that is implementing policies that were not presented to the electorate, and in fact are the exact opposite of what at least 24% of the electorate voted for (and in so doing, they elected the 9% of MPs that constitute the LibDem part of the coalition). When lied to like this, what do you expect people to do? sit down and take it until five years later they get another chance to put in 'x' in a box? What a joke.

Anyway, when did peaceful protest change anything in the UK? 1m people marched against the Iraq war, and were ignored. half that number marched against the fox hunting ban, to no effect. But a few hundred rioted aghsint the Poll Tax and voila - twas gone (as was Maggie - bonus!).

Ultimo Tiger

In this country Dominic, blowing someone up is murder.

Not "fighting for freedom" (what about people in the South of Ireland who were driven out by the Nationlists in the 1920s, I bet that was ok wasn't it?).


Why should the students obey the Law?

Eric Pickles doesn't

Defiant Communities and Local Government Secretary (CLG) Eric Pickles has stood by his intention to abolish regional housing targets, despite the revocation being ruled unlawful by the High Court today.

Mr Pickles said that while respecting the court's decision, the "ruling changes very little


If the police can't handle this what's it gonna be like when the cuts begin.


Ultimo Tiger - yes, what they are doing is breaking the law and the police have every right, even duty, to arrest and charge them. And the same goes (went?) for the IRA. However, to simply say that the students are criminals and to think no more of what they are doing and why they are doing it is rather missing the point. The people doing this are certainly criminal, but they are not mindless. They are engaged in an act of violent political rebellion. You may not agree, you may not condone (i don't) but you do your brain a disservice if you don't recognise the reasons why they are doing it.

Craig Heeley

BBC News 24 is currently interviewing an individual who invaded Millbank and said it was always his plan to "take this further than a mere protest" and that it is necessary to "break the law to bring about social change". "No regrets" about injured police, damage to property etc. I'm appalled by how blatent this is. Are these people aware of the rule of law and the sanctity of private property? I trust the BBC will pass his mobile phone number and details on to the Police.


Who organised this rent-a-mob? They have colour printed posters. Students can't afford those. They aren't at the Lib-Dem offices they are the Conservative HQ. Smell a rat? This is the party of Phil Woolas at work with their union mates. Irresponsible as ever.

Colin Smith

This is the inevitable conclusion of an advancement of 'rights' over 'responsibility' in recent years.

The 'middle class' don't respond in such a manner when they get screwed over (as they have been since 1997 including, unfortunately by necessity, under the new administration)

As soon as the lefties can't get their own way, cue 'Class War' and let the tantrams begin.

Until the 'Coalition' get this, and take steps to reverse the deranged trend by empowering the Police to repel these certins with force (where necessary) the drift to pseudo anarachy will continue apace.

Ken Clarke's excrutiatinly embarrasing prison
policy(sic) doesn't exactly fill anyone I know with confidence that the management are on the same page.

Or, come to that, are even reading same book.

Tony Makara

Six months into Coalition rule and Conservative party office has been set on fire.

What does that tell us?

This government must support students and back down over tution fees. Invest in our young.

just a mum

Some of these thugs are UAF - is David Cameron happy to be a signed up supporter of vicious left wing thugs?

Socialist Worker Party are there too.

NUS - all of these left wing organisations should be pursued through the courts for damages.

Any student found to have engaged in violence on this scale should be barred from Uni.

Bob Crow, Harriet Harman must be so proud of their fellow lefties.


I suspect that this is very mild compared to what will come once the cuts start to really bite.




please don't pretend that violence is confined to those on the left. it's just that the right are so much more subtle - they use the tools of the state, such as the police and army, on those they disagree with.

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